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Have you ever been to the Pensacola Bay Center? If you haven’t, then you are missing out in one of Florida’s biggest indoor arenas. The 10,000 capacity venue offers all the amenities that you expect from your multipurpose arenas, from comfortable seating, an incredible line-up of concerts, sporting events, conventions, and special events, as well as a fully stocked set of concessions, stands to appeal to every taste and craving.

Whether you are at the venue to see the Pensacola Ice Flyers or to catch the latest live concerts to come to Florida, there’s always something exciting to do in the arena. So don’t miss out on a moment of fun, because the party can’t start without you!

Right now, box offices across Pensacola, Florida are opening up and fans of the arena are lining up. Tickets are flying off the shelves for the latest games, shows, and events. But you can skip the lines and order your tickets on this website.

You can find out the full list of upcoming events, discover the history of the arena, and find out everything you need to make the most of your trip. Don’t worry if you’re coming from out of town, because we even have a list of the best nearby restaurants and hotels so you can plan your vacation or weekend visit to Pensacola. Everything you need is one click away.

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  • Disney On Ice: Magic In The Stars

  • Disney On Ice: Magic In The Stars

  • Disney On Ice: Magic In The Stars

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