Godsmack & Atreyu at Pensacola Bay Center

Godsmack & Atreyu Tickets

Pensacola Bay Center | Pensacola, Florida

Godsmack & Atreyu

Heavy Metal is coming back to Pensacola, Florida! On Tuesday 5th September 2023, the iconic Godsmack & Atreyu takes over the Pensacola Bay Center stage on Tuesday 5th September 2023 for a one-night-only appearance. If you thought that Pensacola couldn’t be hotter then think again, because the power and passion of this metal band will get the city bouncing. This coming Tuesday night is your best chance to see the appearance that critics and fans are calling the “can’t-miss-show” of 2023, with some calling it the only metal show you should see this September. Don’t let this one-off event pass you by. Book your tickets now by clicking the Buy Tickets button below!

When it comes down to delivering the finest hard rock and metal gigs in the country, one place makes no compromise. Throughout the years Pensacola Bay Center has built a furious reputation with a stable of regular metal and hard rock performers. With its meticulous attention to detail, the venue has become a can’t-miss location of the biggest stars of today and tomorrow during their tours, drawing patrons from all around the country. The carefully crafted pyrotechnics, clean sightlines, world-class sound system and clean acoustics exalt the crowd and make it always come back for more. Delivering the most refined viewing experience is what makes a music venue perfect, and the hosts at Pensacola Bay Center dedicate to this fully. What’s more, you’ll be glad to find there are convenient parking lots nearby, so you won’t have to miss a second of your show dealing with such annoying trivialities. Taking this to the conclusion - the overall feeling of fulfilment is enhanced by the friendly yet top-professional staff onsite. Simply take a front-row look at the venue’s upcoming program with your peers, secure your seats and dive into an endless night of entertainment.

Godsmack & Atreyu at Pensacola Bay Center

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